Win the War for Talent: the Monetary & Non-Monetary WaysAttracting and Retaining Talent – ABE 2024

Aside from meeting and listening to some of the most amazing speakers, I also had the pleasure to present my own speech at the Accounting Business Expo in Melbourne this year. 

Some of the topics that I discussed included:

1) What are the commonalities between those that have too many accountants knocking on their door and those that hear crickets!

2) Why do some firms seem to have Remarkable Retention and others have Atrocious Attrition?…

Attracting & Retaining Talent through Business Development

Alistair Marshall, Director of Professional Services BD is here to teach us proven and effective Business Development strategies in Professional Services to grow a practice – from a client and staff perspective. 

Here are some of the topics we discussed during this episode:

  • Staff retention and it’s connection to marketing
  • Business development and how smaller firms utilizes it
  • The current struggle of firms when it comes to hiring new employees and keeping them.

Attracting and Retaining Talent – ABE Melbourne 2023

Aside from meeting and listening to some of the most amazing speakers, I also had the pleasure to present my own speech at the Accounting Business Expo in Melbourne this year. 

Some of the topics that I discussed included:

1) What are the commonalities between those that have too many accountants knocking on their door and those that hear crickets!

2) Why do some firms seem to have Remarkable Retention and others have Atrocious Attrition?…

When Is The Right Time To Start Your Own Accounting Firm & How To Go About It?

Listen in and to learn more about Sonia and some of the struggles she faced following her path as an accountant and how her commitment to the industry and her clients has helped her build a solid foundation of success.

  • Her inspiration and initial interest in accounting – how does one start?
  • Commerce vs Public Practice – going back and forth and her early dream of becoming a Partner
  • What would she have done differently and how much experience do you actually need to start your own practice?
  • The things you learn as a partner and why she…

Designing Your Firm for Balance: Dealing with Overwhelm & Loving what You Do

Join us and do not miss this episode where Amanda tells us where, why and how she started her journey and her shift to consulting. We also discussed topics such as:

  • Changes in the accounting world, from being a male dominant industry to having more female accountants
  • Reasons for shifting from the traditional career path
  • Leaving a firm amicably and building your own
  • What made her sell her practice five years ago at a fairly young age and pursue coaching
  • The time she knew she wanted to do something different and how to keep up with a changing industry

The Future of Bookkeeping and Why It Will Continue to Survive and Thrive

Join us as Matthew shares why he chose to be a bookkeeping advocate and its importance to the accounting industry. Some more of the topics we discussed include:

  • Being a partner in his own accounting/bookkeeping firm whilst being an advocate for the bookkeeping industry
  • The ideal accounting and bookkeeping model
  • Classic bookkeeping vs modern bookkeeping
  • Bookkeeping practice and regulation and the differences with other countries
  • Digital bookkeeping and automation and the impact its had on the industry and clients

Modern Day Accounting: How to Stand Out and Achieve Utmost Efficiency

Join us and take this opportunity to learn more about Kyelie and some of the innovating things she is doing through her commitment to the industry, her firm and her clients. We discussed topics such as:

  • What her path was like as an award winning accounting professional
  • Standing out in the accounting industry and building a unique process
  • Programs that helped improve efficiency and getting into bookkeeping
  • Achieving exceptional client growth
  • What she loves about accounting 


Crypto for Accountants

This webinar is here to unpack what crypto is all about (not just for criminals or a fad – blockchain is here to stay) – something accountants need to get a handle on as many of their clients will be holding it, but with little guidance and a lot of confusion.

Our expert panel members today are: Danny Talwar of Koinly, Michael Bacina from Piper Alderman and Greg Valles of Valles Accountants

Here are the topics covered on this webinar:

  • How our 3 guests got involved in cryptocurrency
  • Why we should be paying attention to crypto now
  • Common misconceptions when it comes to crypto and blockchain
  • The concept of staking, coin wrapping and doxxing


Robotic Process Automation and Digital Transformation: What the Future of Accounting looks like!

Join us as you won’t want to miss this episode where John tells all about the backbone of robotic process automation (RPA), and how you can implement in your practice to save costs, find efficiencies and improve client service! We discussed topics such as:

  • Getting into robotics in the accounting industry and his journey in automation
  • Challenges with automation
  • How RPA (Robotic Process Automation) is different from AI and what digital transformation is all about
  • Using RPA and how it compares to other…


Business Advisory: What You Think Is Advisory, Isn’t What Your Clients Want!

Join us as Lynda uses her experience from practice and coaching methodologies to explain the core of advisory and how you can successfully and systematically implement it in your practice. Some of the topics we discussed include:

  • Why advisory won’t increase the value of your firm
  • The right approach to advisory and moving your firm forward
  • The prep work, process and timeframe of offering advisory
  • ROI and other benefits of doing advisory
  • The struggles with attracting and retaining young accountants
  • Falling out of love with…

Part 2: Making Accounting Firms Great Again – A Talk About Leadership And Collaboration

Sit back and watch as we present our first ever video podcast where Brett opens up about his plans, ideas and worthwhile sentiments about the accounting industry.

  • His Covid response and what has been happening for the past 2 years in the industry and how Kelly Partners has proven that his business is recession and pandemic proof
  • How to take care of your people with and without a pandemic
  • The secret to good teamwork and great leadership
  • His take on discrimination – ageism, sexism and homophobia

Leadership & Longevity – Lessons Learned Over 30 Years

Listen in as Steve opens up about his passion, loyalty, hardships and many more topics and plenty of invaluable advice for accountants young and old:

  • Finding accounting work exciting and how it has changed over the years
  • What it takes to become a partner in a modern firm and how to fast track it
  • Impact of tech, automation on client relationships and profitability
  • The ecosystem approach to practice management and workflow and his strategic initiatives
  • Inter-generational wealth transition and the human aspect of it

The Twitter Accountant – The Accountant to the Stars, Startups and Superstars!

Our guest, the remarkable Kylie Parker from Lotus Accountants imparts her knowledge and experience as an accountant, a partner, a business founder and a woman on all aspects of her career and personal life. If you are curious on how she built her firm without any marketing within this unique niche, then you won’t want to miss this episode.

  • Running a highly profitable sole practitioner firm vs trying to grow for the sake of growth, and which makes you happier
  • Reasons for starting her firm and the unique structure she used to organically grow it
  • Her journey into the accounting industry, working from small to mid tier to Big 4 firms as as being a sole practitioner and her advice to young accountants

The Instagram Accountant – Secrets to Successful Lead Generation!

Get comfortable as Michelle talks about her passion for business, her profession and just life in general:

  • How she handles more than 100 clients with 3 offshore staff
  • Dealing with old school clients during this WFH era
  • Offshoring and her experience working with a BPO company
  • Useful software, SEO and marketing her way through social media and streaming platforms
  • Lead generation secrets
  • What she would be doing is she was not an accountant or bodybuilder and..

Strategy vs Execution: How to build a $100M firm within a single niche

Listen in as he reveals the blueprint to successful leadership in an accounting firm and the how to’s that will help you achieve your goals. Here are some of the topics we discussed in this episode:

  • Journey from medicine to accounting
  • Taking over his father’s small fee based firm and growing it to one of the top firms in the US
  • Running a tax centric firm as an auditor and the struggles he had to go through
  • Picking your niche and his secret to expanding his firm
  • The three foundations of his firm that created multiple revenue streams

The ‘TikTok Accountant’ – going out on her own and using the latest tech to deal with rapid growth!

Keep listening as Natalie Lennon from Two Sides Accounting shares her ups and downs of running a fast growing business during a pandemic. Some of the thing we touch on include:

  • Coping with burnout like most accountants during Covid, and her techniques to deal with that
  • Managing financially struggling clients and why she goes above and beyond in helping them
  • Her accounting journey – expanding her client base even during the pandemic and the importance of being a proactive accountant

100% Growth YoY through Niching, Recruitment, Outsourcing, Scaling up and Digital Success

Join us as Reuben shares the how to’s in structuring your accounting firm, from recruitment to marketing and many more things:

  • How he has managed to organically grow his accounting firm from $0 to $3.6m TO & 30 staff in 5 years. 
  • Starting his bookkeeping business while he was still a manager at a firm with 50 staff
  • The reason he switched from Quickbooks to Xero
  • What makes his firm different from traditional accounting firms…

Building a $1 Billion Dollar Accounting Brand whilst sharing the wealth with your staff!

Join us in this episode as Peter shares his insights into leadership and what it takes to build a distinctive brand from nothing to a billion dollar firm, and many more things:

  • How a creative person like him thought of joining the accounting industry
  • Why he decided to pursue a multidisciplinary accounting form model
  • The first year journey of BlueRock and it’s temporary setbacks..

Digital Nomad – Travel, Remote Working & Marketing for Accountants

Join us as he shares the secrets to marketing, leadership, taking risks, building an accounting business, and many more things: 

  • What it’s like working at the three largest accounting software companies – Reckon, MYOB, and Xero
  • His love for travelling and the special lessons he learned through the years of adventure
  • Working while travelling – especially during Covid
  • Major changes in the accounting industry…

What it takes to be a Partner at 26!

Sit back and listen to this episode with the amazing Baidy Laffan of Yellow Canary as she shares:

  • Advice for young accountants trying to decide which path to follow in their career
  • What it takes to be a Partner – balancing the 3 hats of producer, manager and leader.
  • Leadership vs management – and developing those skills

Fundamental Challenges for Accounting Firms

Some of the thing we cover include:

  • Fundamental changes & challenges for baby boomer practitioners        
  • Impact of technology and automation on junior accountants and selection for different skills        
  • New ‘normal’ i the post Covid world and remote working        
  • Being strategic – because turning up to work is no longer enough  

Disrupting the Accounting Industry with a Fintech model

Listen in as Patrick Sargent, CEO of Pop Business enlightens us about:

  • The journey of Pop Tax and it’s Co-Founders
  • The trials and tribulations of being a tech a start up in the accounting space
  • The impressive tech used to run and scale the business
  • Importance of stepping away from the tools in order to quickly scale the business

Impact Driven Accounting

In this podcast with Paul Dunn from B1G1, we discussed everything from leadership, purpose and many more topics:

  • Maintaining passion and energy at any age
  • Finding meaning in your work and the importance of having a North Star
  • Transforming your firm from Standard to Stand Out – and how that drives client attraction and staff retention
  • How Purpose powers Profit

Step by Step Process to Growing your Practice from Scratch and Offering Business Advisory Services

Join us in this worthwhile episode with the influential Peter Knight of Franchise Accounting and Tax as he shares more about:

  • His journey from Psychology & Accounting to Sales & Creating a Top 30 Firm in less than 8 years
  • Process to generate leads on LinkedIn
  • Insight into the best marketing strategies that work today

Making yourself obsolete with David Smith

In this podcast with David Smith from Smithink, we discussed everything from innovation, networking, finding passion in your work and many more topics:

  • Top things accounting firms are doing wrong
  • Biggest opportunities for accounting firms right now
  • Powerful/effective ways of doing performance and job reviews…

Creating a Future Fit Accounting Firm with Shaye Thyer

Join in on our enjoyable and illuminating podcast with Shaye Thyer, Head of Mindbridge as she shares:

  • Her journey into Accounting from Practice to an internal finance for a firm to selling accounting tech.
  • Tips and tricks for keeping herself inspired and motivated
  • How to fix staff and capacity issues in practices today

Marketing for Accounting Firms – Part 2 – Strategies & Tactics

We catch up with Michael Carter, Founder and CEO of Practice Paradox as he shares:

  • Exploring the reasons for choosing to do advisory vs pure compliance in your practice
  • Most effective marketing strategies for accounting firms
  • How Practice Paradox can create and implement your marketing strategy and ROI on that

Part 1- Marketing for Accounting Firms – Your ability to Communicate and Deliver Value

We catch up with Michael Carter, Founder and CEO of Practice Paradox as he shares:

  • Where the idea of the firm’s name originated from, his favorite paradoxes in life and how it relates to the Accounting profession
  • How Accounting is about people instead of numbers and to engage your staff
  • The differentiators between the top 5% and the remaining 95%
  • The compliance vs advisory business…

Part 2 – Secrets to success in outsourcing for Accounting Firms

We catch up with Nick Sinclair, Founder of TOA Global as he shares:

  • How to build and automate culture as a global company with genuine care and setting the standards yourself
  • What type of clients come to TOA and their pain points
  • Optimal approach to outsourcing
  • How to successfully train your outsourced staff
  • Details of the entire outsourcing process from onboarding to building your team

Part 1 – The King of Outsourcing talks about his sensational journey

We catch up with Nick Sinclair, Founder of TOA Global as he shares:

  • His journey with his first Financial Planning and Accounting firm ‘Wealthfarm’ from Zero to one of the largest planning businesses in Qld at the age of 20.
  • His struggles using an outsourced provider and how he started a business from his own needs
  • Realizing need to delegate in order to scale vs control.
  • Self Awareness, knowing your limits…

Starting a firm at a young age and maintaining culture through fast growth

We catch up with Andrew Van De Beek, Founder and Head of Purpose of Illumi8 as he speaks about:

  • Impetus for getting into accounting and deciding to open your own firm at 26 as a junior in Big 4
  • Importance of relationships in this business
  • The biggest challenges in his career, disputes, business separations, bad decisions and the consequences of hiring people at the wrong time
  • The truth about bookkeeping, the reason he opened a…

Growing, learning and leading – a how to guide on marketing your practice & managing the people in a fast growing national firm

We catch up with John Knight, Founder and Director of BusinessDepot to discuss: 

  • His Advice for young accountants on the fastest path to partnership
  • Views on Commerce vs Practice
  • MBTI profiling of accountants, EQ vs IQ and how to manage different personalities in a firm through self awareness.
  • Recruitment process that’s been refined over 7 years and…

The Accounting Futurist & Innovator of the Year who has gone through the rise and fall of a fast growing global firm

We catch up with Chris Hooper, Founder and CEO of Accodex 

  • How his fascination with accounting began and the people behind it.
  • How he explored and progressed his career and what sparked his interest to establish his own practice
  • His advice for Young Accountants and for people who are considering Accounting as a career path
  • Tips in navigating your Accounting career…

CFO of the Year Talks about Starting and Scaling a CFO Advisory Firm

Sarah Lawrance, Founder & Chief Dreamer at Hot Toast joins us to share her:

  • Journey from cadet in a regional firm to a Financial Controller/CFO in some film production and creative industries to scaling a CFO Advisory Firm in Sydney.
  • What marketing and lead generation tools have helped her the most
  • Advantages and disadvantages of being..

How to Successfully Deliver Business Advisory to your Clients and 5x Your Fees

We catch up with Brad Eisenhuth and Aidan Parsons to discuss:

  • Why they felt accounting firms struggle to offer this much needed service to clients
  • Powerful insights on how other accounting firms engage and pitch the service to their clients.
  • What advisory means and how to deliver it and sell it
  • Some of the challenges practitioners face in implementing and delivering the…

Part 2 – Maximizing Growth through Technology and Outsourcing while Raising a Young Family

How successfully using technology and outsourcing helped an Award Winning Accounting Practitioner to quickly scale her firm with only a few staff on the ground while balancing the demands of family and running a practice during COVID

Aly is a leader and innovator in the cloud accounting space, Aly helps her clients re-engineer their processes and transform their bottom line.

Part 1 – Secret Recipe to Starting and Scaling a Profitable Accounting Firm

From being told that she won’t get far in her career because she is a female to becoming a Director at Deloitte and now running an award winning and technologically advanced boutique accounting firm.

Aly is a leader and innovator in the cloud accounting space, Aly helps her clients re-engineer their processes and transform their bottom line.

Part 1 – How to get motivated and stay motivated in Business, Life and Family

Today we catch up with Brett Kelly to discuss his journey from an unemployed 22 year old to now running one of the largest accounting firms in Australia.

Brett Kelly is the Partner of one of the largest accounting firms in Australia, they are BRW Top 25 largest accounting firms in Australia with over 40 Directors and over 200 staff

Creating one of the Largest Regional Firms, Succession Planning and Building a Strong Culture of Unity – Aaron Lavell

Running a firm is hard enough. Being a Managing Partner at a young age and building a firm into the largest tax and advisory practice on the Gold Coast is even harder (and it hasn’t all been smooth sailing)!

Today we catch up with Aaron Lavell to discuss his journey from a young accountant at…

Best approach to selling and preparing your Accounting Firm for Sale – with Mark Emney and Daniel Jones

COVID has had a tremendous impact on accounting firm and practitioners over the last couple of months. Today we talk with the Directors of DMY – Mark Emney and Daniel Jones where we discuss:

Impact of COVID on firms…

Growing your firm to $1m profit per Partner while working less than 500 hours – with Rob Nixon

On this episode, we talk about all the things accountants could be doing better and where they’re going wrong.  Mistakes that are costing them huge potential increases in revenue, profits and lifestyle.   

Now, Rob Nixon is not an…