Modern Day Accounting: How to Stand Out and Achieve Utmost Efficiency

Our fantastic guest this week – Kyelie Baxter – an award winning accounting professional from IQ Accountants who became a partner at a younger age than most – is finally here! In this episode, she passes on her knowledge, experience, and the secrets to standing out in this competitive industry. She also provides useful advice on how we can cope with the overwhelming changes in the industry and more importantly, how to embrace technology.

Join us and take this opportunity to learn more about Kyelie and some of the innovating things she is doing through her commitment to the industry, her firm and her clients. We discussed topics such as:

  • What her path was like as an award winning accounting professional
  • Standing out in the accounting industry and building a unique process
  • Programs that helped improve efficiency and getting into bookkeeping
  • Achieving exceptional client growth
  • What she loves about accounting 
  • Being a mother and a practitioner and how to achieve work life balance and why it’s important
  • Finding the right people – challenges and processes
  • Their workflow, client services and her take on automation
  • Maintaining culture in a hybrid work set up and rules for engagement
  • Increasing fees and letting go of clients
  • Her thoughts about offshoring
  • Modern era accounting – the biggest changes and the downsides of it
  • Timesaving and the ‘Zero Email’ work habit

“We’re not married to anything, we embrace change”

“If you’re going to back anyone, back yourself”

Show Notes


Kyelie Baxter, packing 20 years of experience in public practice (who actually wanted to work in retail!) is a no nonsense accountant. She is driven and passionate about what she does and has successfully built her own amazing team for all types of business. She specialises in taxation, and has been dedicated to the industry. Her goal – to be able to simplify the accounting process for clients!

Some quick facts:

  • Back to back winner of Australian Accounting Awards in 2020 and 2019 Partner of the Year (Boutique Firm), MYOB 2019 Certified Consultant of the Year and 2018 MYOB Accountant of the Year and a past Telstra Business Women’s Awards finalist


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