The Twitter Accountant – The Accountant to the Stars, Startups and Superstars!

Our guest, the remarkable Kylie Parker from Lotus Accountants imparts her knowledge and experience as an accountant, a partner, a business founder and a woman on all aspects of her career and personal life. If you are curious on how she built her firm without any marketing within this unique niche, then you won’t want to miss this episode.

  • Running a highly profitable sole practitioner firm vs trying to grow for the sake of growth, and which makes you happier
  • Reasons for starting her firm and the unique structure she used to organically grow it
  • Her journey into the accounting industry, working from small to mid tier to Big 4 firms as as being a sole practitioner and her advice to young accountants
  • Being a very structured and organised person and and how she finds and a creative outlet in accounting and in her life
  • What she would be doing if she was not an accountant and her side hustles
  • Importance of networking and nurturing professional relationships and how she goes about doing that
  • Her books and advice on insurance, divorce, and prenups
  • Counseling people out and the answer to the question- ‘Do female partners differ in terms of managing the firm?
  • Why she prefers the ‘no marketing and referral only’ type of firm


“If someone’s passionate and wants to help and wants to learn, they’re a pleasure to work with. Because they always go above and beyond”


Show Notes


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Kylie Parker is a ‘modern influencer accountant’ with over two decades of experience in the industry and is a vigorous advocate of accounting technology, running fast growing businesses, managing tax compliance for SMEs, and supporting and helping women on how to navigate their way in the accounting and finance space. She specialises in the screen industry which she otherwise calls – Stars, Startups and Superstars! 

Quick facts:

  • Wrote the book ‘Planning Plan B’ and is the co author of an upcoming book titled ‘Co parenting with an alien’
  • Former director of Broadway Accountants that merged with 3 other practices to create Logicca CA where she was also a director, also a Xero Guru.
  • Co-Founder of AccounTEK Global and Founder of Lotus Accountants – in which she has many TV and film production clients
  • Listed as one of the ‘Top 50 Women in Accounting 2018’


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