Win the War for Talent: the Monetary & Non-Monetary Ways

At this year’s Accounting Business Expo in Melbourne, I presented on the ever important topic of talent but with a focus on non-monetary benefits as a retention tool (well, because theyโ€™re kind of free and accountants keep asking me, Michael – how can I compete with the big firms that have way more resources to throw around):

Below is a short snippet talking about some of the non-monetary benefits you can incorporate into your firm.

As a recruitment professional and an accountant myself I wanted to present everyone with facts that would aid the remarkable accountants in this industry not just in servicing our clients but also in making sure they can attract the right talent and improve their employee retention,, which in the long run would help us build a much better practice.

For the full speech please go to our Youtube channel.

Title: Win the War for Talent: the Monetary & Non-Monetary Ways

  1. What are the current issues and trends in the marketplace?
  2. Why are some firms doing so much better than others when it comes to recruitment and retention โ€“ monetary and non-monetary?
  3. What changes can you make to improve your recruitment and retention strategies?

Speech by:
Michael Edelstein of Accountants Exposed Podcast and Recruitment Expert

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