Creating a Future Fit Accounting Firm with Shaye Thyer

We were lucky enough to have Shaye as our guest on the Accountants Exposed Podcast as she reveals her journey from wanting to be a lawyer to being one of the most influential women in accounting. Join in on our enjoyable and illuminating podcast with Shaye Thyer, Head of Mindbridge as she shares:
  • Her journey into Accounting from Practice to Internal Finance for a firm, to selling Accounting Tech
  • Tips and tricks for keeping herself inspired and motivated
  • How to fix staff and capacity issues in practices today
  • Importance of cadetships and how perception is reality in the corporate environment
  • Navigating the ‘boys club’ as a female
  • Impact of cloud accounting and automation inside an accounting firm
  • What would she do if she only had a week to transform an accounting firm?
  • The controversial topics of pros and cons of timesheets
  • Best way to go about change management inside your firm
  • What does Mindbridge do and how valuable it is to the audit process
  • Importance of mentors in life and career
“If it’s not f** yes then it’s a f** no.”
Profile Shaye Thyer is the Director of Sales for Mindbridge Ai. With more than 15 years of Accounting experience and her passion for advocacy, her goal is to innovate and bring forward new tech that will assist accountants and business owners alike to have an improved flow of business and adapt to a more efficient way of running a practice. Her passion and avidity to change the industry by offering new solutions is what led her to build a ground-breaking AI platform that leverages advanced machine intelligence and AI techniques to supplement human capacity and manage the vast amounts of financial data that exist within organizations. Some quick facts:
  • FCA
  • An activator for SheEO, a global community of women radically transforming how we finance, support, and celebrate female innovators.
  • A speaker at Accounting Business Expo 2021. Business Depot “Rebound”
  • Named as one of the “Bold CA entrepreneurs stepping into start-ups”
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  • Split payment options to help you with your cash flow as per our TOB’s; and
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Our Services:
  • Succession Planning – Finding a new Partner for your firm
  • Growing your Firm’s Capabilities and Service Offerings with New/Additional Partners
  • Resourcing your Existing Teams with Juniors (Cadets/Grads) and Senior Accountants/Auditors
  • Contractors to help you through the busy period
  • Remote Staff
Contact Info You can find out more about Shaye Thyer and her company MindBridge from their website: Michael

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