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Most of our clients came to us because they were struggling to find the talent they needed to expand their business and if they were lucky to find someone – after months of training the person would leave, the quality of the work was poor, and then the whole process would start again and usually repeat in a vicious cycle – making the whole process seem daunting, frustrating and hampering the growth of your practice.
Having used our services once they can see the clear benefits of having a Recruitment Expert deal with this headache. You’re outsourcing the issue to a professional that does this day in and day out interviewing thousands of people a year and being able to source the right person quickly and efficiently. Just like your clients outsource their work to you – make sure you focus on your business and let us take care of what we’re good at.

After having¬†interviewed thousands and thousands of candidates and perfected our screening process and ensured that no corners are cut we are confident enough to offer you the industry best MONEY BACK GUARANTEE available. None of this replacement credit that you get stuck with for months and then never use – if the candidate doesn’t deliver then we deliver you a refund because you shouldn’t have to be out of pocket for bad service.
When you use our services on a contingent basis – it’s free for you until we find the right person and you choose to hire them – so there is no cost or risk to you whatsoever. And if things don’t work out – you’ll get your money back straight away. That’s why our clients deal with us exclusively – because no one does what we do.


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Just remember we are always there to support you in every way we can – and if you need us to come in and speak to your staff to establish morale, decide on the best person for our succession plan or implement new HR strategies to streamline your operations – we can do that for you.
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