The Accounting Futurist & Innovator of the Year who has gone through the rise and fall of a fast growing global firm

From starting his side hustles such as the WWF wrestling business as a 13 year old to becoming an accountant in a reputable Adelaide firm and then starting his own practice with his best friend in his early 20s to creating an innovative platform for sole practitioners in accounting to work for clients across the globe.

We catch up with Chris Hooper, Founder and CEO of Accodex 

  • How his fascination with accounting began and the people behind it.
  • How he explored and progressed his career and what sparked his interest to establish his own practice
  • His advice for Young Accountants and for people who are considering Accounting as a career path
  • Tips in navigating your Accounting career, weighing your options and the Pros and Cons of settling in the Big 4 vs Mid-tier vs Small firms & CA vs CPA & Commerce vs Practice
  • His approach in setting up his own Practice with his best friend, how they secured Clients and Finding your Niche
  • The future of Bookkeeping
  • Getting help from other Proactive Accountants and Business Coaches and the challenges of growing your own firm
  • What he would have done differently and the biggest impact on his life


Chris Hooper is an experienced accountant of 14 years having worked in a reputable Adelaide firm, a CEO and an Accounting Futurist who has the aptitude to predict the future of the Accounting Profession. He believes that Accountants have the ability to change the world and his mission – Change the Accounting Game forever! Chris helps fellow Accountants, mentors Business Students and believes that his job is to make sure everyone succeeds. 

He claims that the biggest challenge will always be technology and his way of adapting to it was to evolve the Accounting Industry by designing a progressive network that allows freelance accountants and other professionals to collaborate on projects, no matter where they are in the world.

Some quick facts:

  • Accountant with 14 years experience having worked in practice and grown his own at a very fast pace on a global scale.
  • Popular public speaker at AIESEC, TEDx, Pecha Kucha, XeroCon and GoldenKey
  • Winner of 30 Managers under 30 in 2015, 40 Under 40 in 2018, and Achievement Award in the Young Business Leaders Program for 2013.

Show Notes


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