The ‘TikTok Accountant’ – going out on her own and using the latest tech to deal with rapid growth!

Most people nowadays use social media to promote their business in the most fun and creative ways, and our guest for today is not one to miss out on the opportunity! Meet Natalie, the accountant who gets her clients from Tiktok!

Keep listening as Natalie Lennon from Two Sides Accounting shares her ups and downs of running a fast growing business during a pandemic. Some of the thing we touch on include:

  • Coping with burnout like most accountants during Covid, and her techniques to deal with that
  • Managing financially struggling clients and why she goes above and beyond in helping them
  • Her accounting journey – expanding her client base even during the pandemic and the importance of being a proactive accountant
  • How she quickly progressed to an accounting firm manager as a university graduate to getting bored in commerce and then becoming a young equity partner in a firm
  • Challenges of returning to Public Practice from Commerce
  • Dealing with being sidelined as a junior partner in the boardroom, speaking up, and going her own way
  • What her goals were in starting her own firm, and how she got her first clients
  • The hard truth of growing your business and subsequent coaching
  • Taking advantage of social media in the midst of pandemic and how to be a ‘modern’ accountant
  • The obstacles in getting your ideal employee, tips in hiring and her outsourcing journey
  • Automating your process and friends as clients and how bookkeeping was an integral part of her firm
  • When to put a break on ‘growing’


“I was never very good at selling before, and I thought it was me. But then I realised that it was what I was selling.. I didn’t believe in what I was selling, whereas now- Two Sides is me, it’s what I want to do”


Show Notes

Natalie Lennon is a seasoned accounting professional who experienced the best of both worlds – Commerce and Public. She worked in a variety of businesses be it small or multinational and is a no nonsense type of person who is focused on her goals in assisting business owners understand and achieve their aim. Her motto – ” We are on a journey together, when my clients succeed, I succeed.”

Quick facts:

  • Won Accountant of the Year 2021
  • Has her own podcast called Totally Bossing It”
  • A content creator on Tiktok and other social media platforms


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Our Services:

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  • Resourcing your Existing Teams with Juniors (Cadets/Grads) and Senior Accountants/Auditors
  • Contractors to help you through the busy period
  • Remote Staff

Contact Info

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