Part 2 – Secrets to success in outsourcing for Accounting Firms

Managing a Global firm that is currently active in 5 countries with over 650 clients and growing, Nick reveals the secrets on how to provide an effective leadership while still working closely with your peers and his insights on the reality of the outsourcing industry.

We catch up with Nick Sinclair, Founder of TOA Global as he shares:

  • How to build and automate culture as a global company with genuine care and setting the standards yourself
  • What type of clients come to TOA and their pain points
  • Optimal approach to outsourcing
  • How to successfully train your outsourced staff
  • Details of the entire outsourcing process from onboarding to building your team
  • Reasons why certain clients succeed and why others fail with outsourcing?
  • Ideal ratios of onshore to offshore staff
  • Typical outcomes for accounting firms joining TOA and how TOA is different to other providers
  • Mindset, strategies and processes you need before embarking on the outsourcing journey
  • His insights from successes and failures in business

I often look back and go, “If I did things differently I wouldn’t have gotten the result I got. and I wouldn’t get the results I’m doing now by doing things differently”


Nick Siclair is an experienced professional advisor, speaker and a leader when it comes to revolutionising the outsourcing industry for accountants. He is a passionate pathfinder who likes making an impact on the people he works with and currently leads about 1800 offshore team members providing services for their clients globally. His goal – to help Accounting firms make a difference!

Nick has been nominated for numerous industry and leadership awards throughout the years and has been one of the leading speakers when it comes to accounting outsourcing. He has spoken to thousands of accountants from around the world and aims to  do more to help them be better in serving their clients and avoid pitfalls.

Some quick facts:

  • Has been featured in Accountants Daily, SmartPayroll, Public Accountant: The Official Journal of The Institute of Public Accountants, IntuitQuickbooks, The Financial Observer and many other digital media outlets.
  • Popular public speaker at the Accounting Business Expo, Xero Happy Hour Events, Accountants Technology Showcase and NAB Breakfast.
  • A member of the Entrepreneurs Organisation

Show Notes


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Our Services:

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  • Contractors to help you through the busy period
  • Remote Staff

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