Growing your firm to $1m profit per Partner while working less than 500 hours – with Rob Nixon

On this episode, we talk about all the things accountants could be doing better and where they’re going wrong. Mistakes that are costing them huge potential increases in revenue, profits and lifestyle.

Now, Rob Nixon is not an accountant. Yet he has forged a niche to be one of the world’s foremost authorities on how accounting firms can achieve peak performance and his clients on average see profit increases of 98.4% from revenue increases of only 20.8% while working fewer hours with simple tweaks in workflow and technology.

He is an entrepreneur who has been running successful businesses since 1986. Since 1994 he has been running businesses that specialise in helping Accountants run better, more profitable businesses.

Accountants intrigue Rob and over the years he has trained them, consulted to them, coached them, researched them and visited thousands of them. All in the pursuit of what works and what does not work. He believes accountants are the natural trusted advisor to business and can help their client’s build amazing businesses. He also believes accountants don’t earn enough for how smart they are, the value they add and the risks they take.

His speaking work has taken him around the world where he has spoken to in excess of 170,000 accountants. Currently, his products and strategies are used by accountants in over 30 countries. His landmark ideas and strategies are adopted by thousands of large and small firms all over the world.


In 2005 he created the revolutionary coaching model called Coachingclub. The Coachingclub model enabled firms to be accountable, to consistently learn and to share ideas amongst their peers. So far over 800 accounting firms have graduated from his Coachingclub program. The vast majority of firms have doubled or tripled profits because of the program.

He has personally coached over 500 firms and helped them add more nearly $1 Billion of new profit.

He is the author of 4 bestselling books Accounting Practices Don’t Add Up, Remaining Relevant, The Perfect Firm and his most recent book The Wealthy Accountant. All have received rave reviews from Accountants and industry professionals from around the world.

Rob is a keen golfer, adventurer and cyclist. He is ticket holder no. 293 to go into space on Virgin Galactic and he lives in sunny Brisbane, Australia with his lovely wife Natalie and 3 children.

Recruitment Expert

We are one of the largest Public Practice Recruiters in Australia and New Zealand and have access to most of the clients and candidates on the market. We thrive on delivering the best quality candidates to accounting firms so that you have the right people on the bus to grow your firm.
Why You Should Work With Us:
  • Retained Executive Search Service with delivery on average within 4-8 weeks – or your money back
  • Full Money Back Guarantee up to 12 months as per our TOB’s
  • Split payment options to help you with your cash flow as per our TOB’s; and
  • Discounts for graduates, retainers, admin staff and referrals to your client base
Our Services:
  • Succession Planning – Finding a new Partner for your firm
  • Growing your Firm’s Capabilities and Service Offerings with New/Additional Partners
  • Resourcing your Existing Teams with Juniors (Cadets/Grads) and Senior Accountants/Auditors
  • Contractors to help you through the busy period
  • Remote Staff

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