Take control in selling your
property and save thousands
in commission!

Download this ebook and learn how to sell your
property the smart way and discover how to
take control of the process of selling your
most valuable asset.

Benefits of doing it yourself:

1. Buyers prefer to deal directly with you - the home owner.

2. You can sell quickly without worrying about the Agent's schedule

3. You save 


in commission and expensive advertising fees

4. You stay in control. No contracts and attachments.

We all know that buying your property is a big step in your life and selling it is a major hassle. Now with property prices skyrocketing all over the country – the “small” percentage that real estate agents charge is no longer so small in dollar terms – I’m thinking a wonderful first class holiday around the world, a brand new car, or even a very nice stock portfolio whose dividends will pay for your annual holiday to Europe.

The buyer Demand for Property in Australia

has undergone substantial growth and continues. Properties are sold by owners in less than one or two days, especially in larger cities – without using real estate agents. More and more people are preferring to deal directly with vendors. If you are buying or selling, consider doing it yourself – and potentially save tens of thousands of dollars

Selling your Property yourself is legal

incredibly easy, & it will save you thousands of dollars in Agents commission & expensive advertising fees. It's a lot easier than most people think, let me help and quickly walk you through the process!

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I'm an experienced Recruiter, Businessman, Traveller and a Qualified Accountant

Michael Edelstein

Director and Founder

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